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A year ago last Christmas, our family lost a piece of our hearts. Our 7 yr old Frenchie, Louie passed suddenly. It was a huge transition for our female Frenchie but my broken heart vowed to just be a one dog home. Fast forward to July, my husband and I were just “looking” at Bernedoodles. I remained adamant about my decision until coming across Sarah’s litter. I spotted our sweet boy with one blue eye and all my sadness, fears, and emptiness seemed to drift away. Sarah was so attentive from the very beginning. She kept us updated with our pups growth and answered every one of our questions. Our little blue eyed boy became Jax. He is a sweet and gentle boy who loves to play with both his doggie and human sisters, fetch, eat and best of all he loves to cuddle. Sarah and I still keep in touch. She loves to see how her sweet puppy is growing and adjusting and is still always there to offer advice to any puppy questions I have. We can’t thank Sarah and her family enough for sending Jax our way. Jax mended our broken hearts and we are so happy he is a part of our family.


-Christie D.


We are a family of 3 with a 4 year old little girl. Sadly our 13 year old French Bulldog passed away and we missed our four legged companion. We eventually decided that we wanted to get another dog. We did our research and were so very lucky to come across Jamaha Bernedoodles. Sarah, the breeder is a wealth of knowledge and continues to be available for any questions I may have. She takes the time to answer questions and really does care about her pups. I picked up our little guy and our family couldn’t be happier. He is super mellow and such a sweetheart! He spends most of his time on his back waiting for tummy rubs and loves to chew on his toys when we are around. He was crate trained at night by the 3rd night. So he is smart too! I could go on and on about him. If you are considering adopting a Mini Bernedoodle and you are reading this, look no further. You’ve found a great breeder and an amazing breed. And just so you know, there is such a thing as a calm puppy!


-Jessica S.


We have been working with Sarah for a few months and we have been so happy. We named our puppy Lulu and she came to us just perfect. Her temperament is just fantastic. Lulu loves our kids and is so well behaved. She loves swimming in our pool and playing with the kids. Lulu looks like a stuffed animal. Her coat is so fluffy and soft. She came with all her papers and our Vet said she was just perfect. Cannot say enough great things about Sarah and her puppies.


-Moss D.


I can’t say enough good things about Sarah at Jamaha Bernedoodles. I looked far and wide for a reputable breeder who was expecting happy, healthy pups within a reasonable timeframe and we completely lucked out in finding Sarah. Sarah was helpful and responsive in the days leading up to Bandon’s arrival, sharing photos with us and answering lots of questions. Fast forward to “pick-up day” and we’ve been in love with Bandon ever since he arrived. He is gentle, loving, smart, and great with people. Also — he’s absolutely adorable! He’s everything I was hoping for in a new family member and we are having the best time discovering his little personality. I will sing Sarah’s praises to anyone who will listen and promise you won’t regret using her for your new furry friend!


-Hilary B.

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